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first Doctor
first Doctor - NOVISOFT - Hairdresser Accessories

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first Doctor
NOVISOFT - Hairdresser Accessories

First software for medical and health professionals

Designed for medical and health professionals
First Doctor is a software designed for the management of medical centers and studied the activities of health professionals. With its simple management you are able to manage the cycle of activities related to the patient and to all the demands of work and management of the study.
First Doctor allows doctors to the perfect organization of their time, thanks to the management of patients / clients comprehensive and integrated into the centralized planning of appointments, everything is always visible on the screen, and set or change an appointment is a snap.
For each registry patient / client you can attach and refer to any type of document (word, pdf, etc.) and images.

First Doctor of course can be installed in the network and thus can be used simultaneously from various locations (by doctors, by the secretary, etc.)., you can manage an unlimited number of doctors each with its progressive numbering of tax documents. First Doctor also integrates all the specific functionality for sending text messages or e -mails to patients / clients to remind the appointment or any other type of warning.