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eLumen - GOLDWELL - Hair Color

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GOLDWELL - Hair Color


permanent color without acid oxidation
Coloration without oxidation without ammonia or its derivatives. Provides a unique sheen and an intense bright color long lasting. The technology only works with eLumen color pigments acid dyes direct its unique and innovative system penetration ensures that the pigments are captured and transported deep into the hair. This principle merely physical but highly effective, acts in an acid environment and ensures a process color protected without compromising the durability and brightness of the result.
Shades available in 24 shades.
ELumen CLEAR: does not contain color pigments, ideal to dilute the intensity of darkened shades or services gloss ultra-bright and shiny.
ELumen PREPARE : Pre- color treatment for damaged or bleached hair.
ELumen LOCK: seals the color and reduces color loss during shampooing. - Provides long-lasting color results.
COMB APPLICATOR : designed specifically for the application of Elumen, ease, making it fast and simple. Reduces stains on the skin, suitable for all bottles Elumen.
BOTTLE APPLICATOR : formulas for mixing multi- shades. Simplify the dosage of mass color.