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VOILA - INTERCOSMO - Hair Bleaches Lighteners

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INTERCOSMO - Hair Bleaches Lighteners


D -FREE - non-volatile decolorizing powder
Ensures high lightening in total respect of the hair structure. It has a low ammonia content of bleaching power while having less than 7 tones. Contains violet pigments acting anti-yellow and has a pleasant fragrance of mint that gently covers the smell of ammonia. The non-volatile powder allows perfect stability and applicability. It is simple to prepare, it mixes easily and quickly apply.
box: 1000 ml bottle with a handy measuring cup

D- CREAM - Whitener Paste
Ideal for discoloration of retouching, streaked with foil and balayage :
• ensures lightening up to 6 shades
• Quick and easy to use because its formulation is creamy without hardening
• is more secure both in the phase of preparation that in the phase of application because it avoids the direct contact with the product
• the tube is equipped with numbered notches which allow to perform a proportion fast and safe without the use of a measuring cup and without waste, saving time
box: 150 g tube in multiple pack of 6 pcs