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UAIT 7 - DEMERAL - Hair Bleaches Lighteners

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DEMERAL - Hair Bleaches Lighteners

bleaching powder compact

UAIT is the new bleaching powder compact Demeral. Thanks to new technology and a special micro-granular formulation to cosmetic effect - protective, UAIT develops its intense whitening action in respect of the hair structure, providing brilliance at the end of the service.
Features :
- Lifting power for up to 7 tones ;
- Lightening action and uniform ;
- Maximum performance result : suitable for all techniques of bleaching (free air - occlusion - whole head) ;
- Homogeneous texture 100% non-volatile new generation of powders microgranular for maximum protection during the mixture ;
- Deliver high - adhesion effect mousse : for a fast and easy distribution ;
- Low ammonia content.
method of use : max 50 minutes to streaks in occlusion. Max 60 minutes to streaks in the open air. 30 to 50 minutes to whole head (not the skin). Do not use heat sources.
package : jar 1000 gr.

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