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PHYSIA STREAKS - DEMERAL - Hair Bleaches Lighteners

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DEMERAL - Hair Bleaches Lighteners

cream streaks - treating technology

new cream for treating streaks & balayages technology totally free from ammonia, which ensures lightening, brilliance and treatment in a single serving. PHYSIA STREAKS ensures lightening up to 5 tones, clean, smooth, shiny, according to 90% of the rate of lipid hair.
The special formula has a pleasant fragrance and a creamy texture.
- Is suitable for the techniques of streaking & balayages wrapped on the map;
- Consistent results and perfect at the root;
- Leaves hair soft, supple, shiny and untangled ;
- Does not drip, does not thicken or dry during application
- It's quick and easy to apply ;
- Is versatile and suitable for all hair types, even when colored and permed ;
- Ensures safety and gentleness use.
method of use : 15/20 minutes under a heat source. 30/35 minutes without heat source. When the shutter speed rinse, shampoo and proceed to perform re- toning with the desired shade.
package : - pipe Blond Cream 100 ml.
- 18 sachets of 25 grams Luminoforce.

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