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MASK - DAVINES - Hair Bleaches Lighteners

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DAVINES - Hair Bleaches Lighteners

bleaching powder

bleaching powder process controlled and low volatility. Innovative formula, rich milk protein hydrolyzate with intense conditioning and protective effect on the hair shaft. Thanks to the bleaching process controlled and gradual prevents chemical reactions too aggressive and damaging to the hair. The formulation of low volatility makes the product extremely easy to use. Contains milk proteins with an intense conditioning and protective action on the hair during the bleaching process and persulphate, or inorganic salts which act as oxidizing agents.

method of use : to prepare the mixture according to the following proportions : 1 part of bleaching powder mask + 2 parts activator 10, 20 and 30 vol. apply on unwashed hair and check the process of bleaching. Rinse.
box: bag of 500 gr.

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