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ART DECOLOR - DAVINES - Hair Bleaches Lighteners

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DAVINES - Hair Bleaches Lighteners

bleaching powder

Its innovative formula allows a uniform result and complete control of the process of bleaching due to its heat activation (you use only with maps or damp heat source). The presence of a natural derivative ' Cyamopsis Tetragonoloba ' exercises a moisturizer that protects hair during bleaching.
directions for use: mix the 30 or 20 ' 7 ' ACTIVATOR ACTIVATION SOURCE 40 vol. and the most suitable toner by following the instructions of the technical file.
package: 500 g jar.

pasta Whitener

Cyamopsis Tetragonoloba-based polysaccharide with moisturizing and Persulphates-oxidising inorganic salts ' is a product rich in emollient substances that protect the hair structure is specially formulated to lighten colored hair cosmetically or particularly already dehydrated. Its formula is perfectly balanced for safe and long-lasting results in any kind of lift is also in decappaggi and in the Elimination of overlapping color. Particularly suitable for
perform complete pickling. Bright and deep whitening paste mixture resulting from the intensified with the toner.
directions for use: mix the Activator ACTIVATION 7 40 30 20 ' or ' SOURCE vol. and the most suitable toner by following the instructions of the technical file. Do not use heat source.
container: jar of 375 g.

Concentration of pigments in cream-gel for lightening time toning effects when mixed with the bleaching powder or paste. To illuminate and toning toner direct pigments conditioning 5 ' simultaneously can be used on any type of hair to revive old streaks or to complete the discoloration is respecting the hair structure and ensuring a amazing shine and softness. The formulations are enriched with conditioning agents to protect hair during the process of clearing, leaving them soft and shiny.
• Direct pigments: contrast or natural reflection esaltanoil shown by the hair during bleaching;
• Toner miscible: ability to create custom hues using toner alone or in combination with each other;
• Innovative system: brightens and colors it simultaneously during bleaching. For all hair types;
• Flexible and easy to apply: it can be applied with FLAMBOYAGE STREAKS ' films ' paper or sweeping.
directions for use: add the toner dust free bleaching paste mixture or chosen with the Activator according to the proportions indicated in the instructions for use of the pulp and bleaching powder.
• Toner pigments ultramarine blue counteract the coppery highlights;
• Toner Sienna pigments enhance the hazelnut reflections;
• Indian Yellow Toner pigments enhance the hues;
• Toner carmine red pigments enhance the Red reflections;
• Toner Purple pigments reduce excess Golden reflections.
packaging: tube of 150 ml.